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Introduction About the Author

Let’s start with myself, nama saya Edward Aryana, professionally I am a Brand Consultant and a Web Designer + SEO expert practicing in Jakarta, Indonesia – Oh yeah, I am sort of an expert in WordPress too. 

On a personal level I am a millennial father of two, a techno-geek, a gamer, a crypto nerd, a football manager geek dan lain-lainnya juga. 

Dan sempat tinggal sebagai student dan professional di Melbourne, Australia. Pengalaman tinggal di negeri kanguru itu menjadi pivot point di kehidupan saya dan yang menjadi inspirasi untuk memulai blog ini, you will see a big influence on my content due to my past experience.

Kenapa Namanya Humbler Brother?

Well, jadi di pengalaman professional saya juga bergerak di bidang “business naming”, jadi dalam pemilihan nama tentu nya there was a lot of research and thinking behind it. 

The idea is, I want the name to be ‘approachable’, why is that? Karena ide dalam memulai blog ini banyak di dapatkan waktu I actually sharing the useful information among my friends and peers, jadi as if you are getting a recommendation or a suggestion from your “Humble Bro”. 

Plus the name rhymes quite nicely too. Throwback to Tumblr, which I always think is one of the best internet naming, it was a blog kinda type internet sensation back in my days, so I thought I want to pay an homage using this name. But who cares about this philosophical thinking, asal kedengeran nya bagus why not.

What Kind of Content You Can Expect in this Website?

First of all, pastinya contentnya informal writing, kadang in Bahasa Indonesia kadang di Bahasa Inggris, whichever I think is appropriate for the theme of the content itself. 

Some of the topics that I will be covering are:

  • Traveling Tips & Traveling Hacks, especially to Melbourne
  • Crypto Fundamental and Crypto Tips (DYOR)
  • Technology
  • Productivity
  • A bit of Finance
  • Sharing my personal encounters and experience
  • And everything straight from the heart pasting, kalo gak passion pasti gak mungkin di ulas.

If you are here, in this area of my website, that means you are giving some kind of interest in me and my blog, hopefully you stick around and I hope some of my findings will help people too.

Edward Aryana